Hello everyone and welcome to my page!

If you have been looking for a place to take your music to the next level you have definitely hit the right spot!

I am George Nerantzis, freelancer sound engineer and here you can check out my work and get in touch with me.


February 2018:

Mastered the new album from Luca Princiotta's band(DORO). Get ready for some phenomenal guitarwork and amazing songs!

December 2017:

Doing the full production of the new EP from Sense of Insanity.

August 2017:

Recorded the guitars of the new GUS G album!

March 2017:

Composed an orchestral/industrial intro and outro for the live concerts of Chontaraz!

February 2017:

Employed by OTSE ltd for the new project "OTSE Music Studio".

January 2017:

Very pleased with the reception of the new Pain of Salvation Album! So far it is the highest ranking PoS album!

September 2016:

Exciting news with a lot of new releases. Did the mastering for the new Pain of Salvation album and the new Witchery album.

June 2016:

Co-mixed and Mastered the new Bottlenext album! Stay tuned!

March 2016:

Had the pleasure to work with an amazing band from Switzerland, called Dreamshade and master their new album!

February 2016:

Mastered the upcoming Dark Funeral album, which is going to be out this June! Don't miss it!

January 2016:

Exciting New Year! New Abbath debut album is out, so time for some killer black metal!

December 2015:

Finished with Mastering the upcoming Pitch Black Process album! If you are a fan of Melodic Death Metal, Moonspell and Rammstein make sure to check them out!